Development of new cancer therapy requires integration of deep scientific and therapeutic insights. Therapeutic expertise drives the development, design and execution of studies to an ultimate goal of credible data. This derives the accurate results, sound regulatory submissions and product launch – A desired success!

Our association with CBCC’s experienced team in oncology care and oncology clinical trials carry a cumulative expertise of more than two decades in the field of oncology. Our experienced oncologists guide the development phase while the operations phase can be managed at various multispecialty hospitals linked with CBCC in USA and INDIA. A huge patient pools derived from the database boosts our confidence for timely patient enrollment for any clinical study.

Our understanding of clinical management of cancer makes it easy for us to anticipate and proactively mitigate the challenges in clinical trials. Our in depth processes ensure timely reporting of safety matters to relevant regulatory bodies. Our Medical monitors watch for signals in a trial in order to take timely decisions for the course of a study.


Biomarker Clinical Trial Management

CBCC-Vibgyor offers a full range of solutions for managing the biomarker component of a clinical trial. As the incorporation of a biomarker into a clinical trial is becoming increasingly common, having a partner who can fully manage this component of the trial with experience and knowledge of the details of what is required is critically important.

The services we offer consist of:

  • Requirements gathering and SOP development
  • Operational manual development
  • Site training
  • Site audit

Trial management

  • Sample shipping
  • Sample logistics
  • Central Admin

Clinical testing

  • 24/7 sample receipt
  • Pathology review
  • Multiple testing platforms
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