Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)

The cross-sectional tomographic images of the arterial wall and the lumen that are obtained by a catheter based ultrasound probe are analyzed using a state-of-art software that is designed specifically for the analysis of vessel lumen and stents.


The IVUS core lab at CBCC-vibgyor offers following capabilities:

  • Computation and direct measurements of several parameters including plaque thickness, stent, plaque progression and
    regression, area of obstruction, lumen cross-sectional areas and volumes, assessments of degrees of restenosis,
    and incomplete stent apposition.
  • Virtual Histology IVUS (VH-IVUS): VH-IVUS includes quantitative tissue characterization for detecting vulnerable (thrombosis-
    prone) plaques as well as plaque stabilization induced pharmacologically. In recent years, VH has been vital in the
    evaluation and identification of vulnerable plaques. It allows for compositional assessment of atherosclerotic plaques
    in coronary arteries by employing advanced spectral analysis techniques for simplified interpretation of ultrasound images.


Technology advantages
The software offers the benefit of increased efficiency and high accuracy of analysis results and provides fast analysis of both grayscale and tissue characterized images.


The key features of the software include:

  • Time-saving automatic detection of lumen, stent and vessel border
  • Powerful, intuitive, and fast editing with single-slice contour detection and semi-automatic 3D contour detection
  • Support for all IVUS data formats and Export of results to Microsoft Excel
  • Support for the assessment of area and diameters for vessel, lumen, plaque, instent restenosis and plaque eccentricity
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