Echocardiography (ECHO)

CBCC-vibgyor’s dedicated ECHO Core Lab provides high-quality skilled interpretation and imaging analysis for all types of cardiac ultrasound images including transthoracic, transesophageal (TEE) / intraoperative, intracardiac, and epicardial echocardiography.


The Core Lab is well equipped with DigiView Image Management & Reporting System that brings together high-performance image analysis, professional reporting, and integrated clinical databases.

Technology Advantages

  • Fully integrated digital / video image management and the best multi-modality reporting systems
  • DICOM-compliant system accommodating medical analyses, database security, and data management.
  • Quick access to clinical database, review of patient images, measurements & calculations (over 1,100 available).
  • System designed to accommodate global sites that use any type of ultrasound equipment to acquire echocardiography images.
  • Systems that are DICOM compliant and work with digital and video data.
  • Auto population of demographic and measurement information from imaging systems.
  • Professional, highly user-configurable report formats and multiple export formats and modes (.PDF, ASCII, .RTF)
  • ICH/FDA/EMEA compliance with audit trail for both digital and analog files.
  • Daily server backup system

ECHO Analysis Services
ECHO Analysis procedures are based on the American Society for Echocardiography guidelines and involve assessment of the following parameters:

Routine, Pediatric, Fetal, Stress and TEE echo; Measurement calculations comprising 2-D Calculations, M-mode and wide range of Doppler calculations such as Hemodynamic Assessment, Valve Assessment, Valve Area, LV Filling Dynamics and Function, Atrial Filling Dynamics, Time Intervals and Indices,Estimated PA Systolic Pressure, Regurgitation (PISA).

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