Clinical Trial Rescue

Does your trial need a rescue service?

Every trial has its difficulties but you do not want these difficulties to become setbacks. When processes do not go as planned, they quite often lead to complex problems like missing deadlines and accelerated costs. CBCC-Vibgyor can rescue your trial and resolve issues by rapidly identifying solutions before the trial is derailed completely!


Our clinical trial rescue process
CBCC-Vibgyor can be a good partner considering its Strategic location – good access to patient population, significant experience in navigating through regulatory hurdles, and substantial experience in conducting clinical trials. Our clinical experts provide corrective actions and perform trial activities to get your project back on track to successfully further your product development process. In reviewing the project in question, our trained Ask ma’am analyses to identify any missing elements or bottlenecks.


Every rescue project is different, and hence, we believe in designing and implementing a customized plan according to the specific needs of the Sponsor to resolve queries and restore the project.


Our Clinical Trial Rescue Service includes following:

  • Study management oversight
  • Intense Site Management and swift patient enrollment
  • Back-up site facilities for niche therapeutic areas
  • Quality assurance and additional training
  • Emergency or increased site monitoring
  • Emergency site auditing
  • Data analysis
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