Value Proposition

Lean & Mean Operating Model
Gives CBCC-vibgyor an edge to be cost effective! This is imperative in light of the current market scenario where the cost of new drug/device development is constantly on the rise.


Commitment to Quality
Our commitment to quality resonates in our management philosophy. We firmly believe in “do it right the first time.” Having achieved an ISO 9001 quality management certification demonstrates CBCC-vibgyor’s ability to consistently provide services that meet customer requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction.


Significant Experience
Experience is one of our core strengths as we have successfully completed and are currently conducting multiple clinical trials. Every trial is unique in its own way; hence, our team strives to leverage from the experience and adopt best practices to improve efficiency and optimise the operational performance of the clinical trial.


Scientific Advisory Board
Key Opinion Leaders and experts form a part of CBCC-vibgyor’s Scientific Advisory Board. These experts have substantial experience in conducting trials and have participated as PIs in global trials. These experts provide training, consultancy, and scientific and therapeutic support to CBCC-vibgyor.


At CBCC-vibgyor, we place intense focus on learning and development of our people commencing with employee induction, orientation, and clinical domain building.


We routinely evaluate our service performance at multiple levels.

  • Project level: By ensuring adherence to timelines, effective internal and client communication, achievement of milestones, and operating within assigned budgets.
  • Employee level: Performance management and professional development of employees through annual assessment programs and the recognition of outstanding performance at all levels.
  • Organizational level: Overall accomplishment of the study team with quality results, which includes sponsor, site, and CBCC-vibgyor.


Partnership Approach
Our philosophy is to build true partnerships with our clients and align our values and interests towards a common goal.

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